Jackie Chan Returning to Armour Of God: Chinese Zodiac in 2011?

Jackie Chan Returning to Armour Of God: Chinese Zodiac in 2011?

Armour Of God

According to Asian press, Jackie Chan is set to reprise one of his most popular characters for his 100th film, most likely the third installment in The Armour of God series of movies.

Many longtime martial arts cinema fans probably remember first seeing Jackie Chan as “Jackie Condor” or “Asian Hawk” in the 1987 Indiana Jones inspired Kung Fu adventure “Armour of God”, the film whose sequel went on to an international release under the title of “Operation Condor”.

Chan has recently been trying to branch out past strictly starring in action films with starring roles in dramatic films like “The Karate Kid” and the celebrated “Shinjuku Incident”, which challenged Chan’s acting chops with the role of a Machiavellian gangster anti-hero. As welcoming as Hong Kong cinema fans may be of Chan attempting to improve his longevity in film beyond the age where he can reasonably be expected to perform extensive fight routines and his trademark “Superstunts”, the fact remains that his fans have just as eagerly been awaiting a return to form for the master.

It remains to be seen whether Chan will take as intensive a role in the action as in the previous films in the series, or if he’ll simply be playing more of a supporting role in the character of “Jackie Condor”, similar to the upcoming “Shaolin”, a traditional Kung Fu film with Chan in a supporting slot as a Shaolin temple cook.

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