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Promote your product or brand to a targeted audience of martial arts fans, practitioners and enthusiasts.

Our visitors are looking for DVD training, apparel, martial arts gear, memorabilia, movies, multimedia and just about anything martial arts related.

We average 2,300 + non-incentivized ad views per day (views… not click-thrus, number of click thrus vary based on ad and ad subject matter) based on stats taken January 1, 2013  to Feb 12, 2013.

Though it varies depending on the story or topic we’re running, an intriguing ad can realistically expect 400 or more clicks per month based on current averages. At a cost of $199/Month that’s less than 50 cents per click to potentially acquire a new customer from a very targeted audience of martial arts fans and aficionados. Are you interested?

Slots Available:

Normally Six to Ten Ad Slots available. Don’t worry, we can create more ad slots on demand.

Monthly Rates:

$249/Month (now $199/month deal may end at any time) – 125 x 125 pixels – Non Animated ad. Unlimited impressions and unlimited click-throughs.


All ad buys are payable up-front with a duration of 30 days with auto renewal unless cancelled. Client by Design, LLC reserves the right to reject any ads based on appearance, subject matter and landing/destination pages.

Client by Design, LLC makes no representations about the performance of the ads, or of the website. Client by Design, LLC cannot control site or server downtime caused by power outages, acts of nature, expected or unexpected technical issues or malicious attacks (denial of service or hacker originated).  Client by Design, LLC shall not be liable for any damages arising from your use of or inability to use our ad service, including but not limited to, direct/indirect, consequential or incidental damages or losses/issues that may occur. It is the advertisers responsibility to check the ad and destination URL/landing page thoroughly to make sure it is correct. If in error, please inform us and we will help with any corrections.


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